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Designer’s Tips

A Brief on Basement Lighting Ideas

The harsh economic conditions and the plummeting home values in the last few years have seen most people reconsider how they view some parts of their homes. There is a need to expand on every available space and make every room livable by carrying out a number of renovations and improvements.

One of the key areas that had been largely ignored, but is receiving immense attention nowadays is the basement. The basement is a crucial area that can be used as living quarters, storage, bar and also for indoor games. To make it completely useful, however; it is essential to improve the lighting system. The lighting system of a basement, nevertheless; may be different from the rest of the rooms.

The following basement lighting ideas will come in handy to those who want to make improvements in this important part of a home.

Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Bar Lighting Design?

The era of dimly lit and smoke-filled pubs is almost gone. Nowadays, most bars are targeting a specific clientele and are using improved decor and elegant displays as the bait. Everything from the furniture to the interior decor is being made to top notch standards.

There is a theme to be advanced, and every part in the pub must work in harmony to portray it. One major aspect of pub decor that cannot be ignored is lighting. Bar lighting has to be spot on and has to portray a welcoming atmosphere to the clients to make them feel at home away from home.

Recessed lighting

The advantages to installing recessed lighting

Recessed lighting can come with a wide variety of advantages for the purchaser to gain when they choose to install these potent lights. Pot lights are widely known for their clean and modernized presentation, and upon installation, these pot lights will assure you a palpable upgrade in your space’s overall aesthetic appearance that is prominent and easily caught by the eye of guests. This form of recessed lighting is designed and contrived to perform to its maximum efficiency and they abide to work accurately and properly.

Pot lights and other forms of recessed lighting are well acknowledged to be mediated as an energy efficient lighting source. This is because recessed lighting is manufactured to wield and utilize low-voltage light bulbs. There is also the option to use a dimmer switch,   which allows you to control the intensity of the light being projected upon a space to your preferred liking. A lower usage of lighting vehemence will determine the overall extent of your energy conserving levels.

LED pot lights

LED pot lights are rapidly growing in popularity among pot light buyers because they offer the longest lasting light source for the lowest cost. LEDs virtually never burn out, cost pennies to use and are very powerful. But why do these lights work the way they do, and what gives them this incredible edge over halogen and incandescent light bulbs? It goes into the construction of each bulb

To start off, Incandescent bulbs use a filament, the little curly wire we see in some bulbs. When the light is turned on, electric current is sent through that filament, which heats up and glows due to the traffic of electrons traveling through it.

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  5. You pay upon the completion of your pot light installation
  1. No Molding required – We do not run wires through Moldings
  2. No Damage to Ceilings
  3. No ripping of carpets or drywalls
  4. No overloading of Circuits
  5. No use sub-par pot lights


ESA Certification

*To receive an ESA Certification please verify with the electrician when consulting.



We guarantee that your pot light installation will be completed in one day! We install over 100 pot lights in a day with Absolutely No Mess or Damage to your home. We provide a 5-year Warranty on our products. Our policy reflects the following statement: you don’t have to pay until your pot light installation is complete and up to par, because we hold our promise to the highest degree of integrity.

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