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Ever have unpleasant lighting in your kitchen or cooking area? Altering the overall lighting aspects of your kitchen or dining room can be uplifting to your mood and boost appetite. In addition, bright lighting while cooking can contribute to the end result and perfect your masterpiece. It will make the process of cooking and devouring your finished work a great and enjoyable one.

Have you been searching for the perfect lighting solution to increasing the aesthetic aspects of your laudable kitchen? Have you considered the benefits that recessed lighting can bring to you and your kitchen? Kitchens are a vital part of every home. Withholding the illustrious title of the heart of every home, kitchens are one of the most frequent visited rooms of any house. Day in and day out, household members migrate to their trusty kitchen to prepare meals, snacks and edible nourishment for the entire family.

What is Recessed lighting?

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Kitchen lights are an essential and needed additive to your household, and the right kitchen lights can make When considering which lighting solution to incorporate into your home, it is important to go over the advantages in which they will bring. Pot lights can bring up many benefits to the purchaser and carry out their duties with high proficiency and effectiveness. Placing these lights along the perimeter of your kitchen ceiling will alter to your space to create a sense of enlargement, using a “pushed back” appearance to make the room appear more spacious. This is very noticeable to the eye and many of your family, friends and visitors will look fondly upon your capacious space.

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Pot lights can brighten an entire room to its fullest at only the flick of a switch. They allow you to have an illuminated and phosphorescent room and create an aura of warmth within the area. These recessed lights possess a modernized and clean appearance and will upgrade the overall aesthetic appearance of your room or space, creating an eye-catching kitchen atmosphere.

Pot lights have recently become recognized for their environmental efficiency and sustainability. Pot lights are built and manufactured to use a lower voltage of light bulb, lowering the amount of energy being used whilst still lighting a room evenly. Using a dimmer switch, you may also be given the ability to alter the intensity of the light to the brightness of your liking. The lower intensity of light in which you use, the higher energy efficient level will result from it. To sum it up, pot lights are a dependable and capable source of energy conservation and illumination.

Kitchen Lighting Installation Factors

When researching information on the installation of pot lights in your kitchen, there are three major factors to consider:

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Kitchen Lighting Appearance

Pot lights are a laudable method of lighting to use in your kitchen as result of their clean and modernized characteristics. They allow the space to gain a rejuvenated appearance for all of your household and visitors to admire as they step foot in your charming kitchen area.


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Kitchen Lighting Brightness

The lighting of a space in one’s home is an essential aspect to consider. It is widely known that the strength of a rooms lighting may evidently alter the mood and attitude of those within its confines. When choosing your desired pot lights, it is important to acknowledge the benefits in lighting that these recessed lights will offer to you. Being designed and manufactured to withhold the capability of using a lower voltage of light bulb, the method of lighting will evidently allow you the opportunity to light an entire room with the flick of the switch whilst still gaining the advantage of saving money as the lower voltage tends to lower your overall lighting costs.

Installing a dimmer switch is a great way to lower monthly lighting bills as well as it allows you the benefit of having complete control over the lighting situation. Keeping the lighting dimmed and low will evidently allow you to save money as a homeowner whilst still being capable of enjoying the illumination of your admirable kitchen.

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Kitchen Space Separation With Potlights

The space in one’s kitchen will depend on the homeowner’s personal tastes and preferences but would fall into another important topic of discussion. Pot lights are clean, small and efficient. This allows the placement of the lights to be precisely where you desire. Installing lights around the outskirts of the kitchen ceiling will ultimately create a ‘pushed back’ look to the walls and will allow your kitchen to gain a much larger appearance to it while having them focused within the middle of the room will portray quite the opposite. There are many layouts for kitchen potlights to be discovered and noted upon. They will allow you, as the homeowner, a wide selection in where you desire to place your new form of recessed lighting.

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Recessed Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, many people tend to be concerned with appliances and cabinets. Lighting is of equal importance, where a perfect plan will do more than just illuminating the area. There are many options you can go with when investing in kitchen ceiling lights in Toronto.

As presently mentioned, boutiques used recessed lighting as an important sales and presentation method to appeal to customers. You do not have to limit your search to only the ceiling of your kitchen or your dining room; cabinets, cupboards, and preparation areas can also be a part of your illuminating renovation. The mere addition of one or two pot lights can spice up your old, worn, groggy routine of preparing food for the family. Do you want to transform the outlook you have on cooking? Replace your current lights with pot lights or other recessed lighting options, and devour the colourful and enjoyable meals that you would cease to create.

The first step in task lighting is to identify the areas where you will be performing various tasks in the kitchen. These may include areas where you will be using your chopping/ cutting board, prep stations, where you will be making coffee, or areas around sinks and tables. You should then select the parts of ceilings above these areas and have your lights installed.

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Task Lighting for a Kitchen

Pendants lights are pretty common in task lighting, and these are usually designed to hang from the ceiling where they can be adjusted to any height, which are now available in modern and beautiful fixtures that are hung using a single chord. Another option on the kitchen ceiling lights in Toronto is recessed lighting to provide more directional beams. Some of these can even be adjusted to focus the light on certain areas.

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Ambient Kitchen Lighting

This is meant to provide powerful lighting to illuminate a larger surface so as to reach some areas like the kitchen table, cabinets or even refrigerator. It is, therefore, important to find a central place where the main fixture will be installed. There are various options in the market today with such fixtures being made from materials like plastic, ceramic, iron and glass among others. You will surely find something for your décor and style.

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Accent Lighting in the Kitchen

This will be an ideal solution if you are looking forward to highlighting certain elements in the kitchen, for example, wall paintings and collection of silverware or chinaware arranged beautifully in a sideboard/ cupboard. Pot lights will work wonders in accent lighting, and you can even opt for smaller bulbs since these are not expected to have any impact on your day to day activities in the kitchen.

Here are a few options or design ideas that you can consider:

  • One of the most accepted kitchen island lighting options is the lighting that is built into a pot rack. It gives you a place to hang your pots and pans as well as provides wonderful lighting to be able to cook properly.
  • You can also opt for the ceiling mounted lighting. You can either go for can style lighting that is flush mounted on the ceiling or for the pendant style lighting. They not only lighten up your kitchen but also add a dramatic appeal to it.
  • For larger kitchen islands, chandelier style lighting is ideal. It allows maximum coverage with fewer lights, thus reducing clutter and giving your kitchen a cleaner look.
  • For Single Island kitchens, the fixtures must be centered over the island while for a mobile island, make sure it is centered in the room before deciding where to fix the light.
  • Recessed light should be evenly spread and must cover the entire island.
  • Some designers also support the idea of using lights that would look more at the home outdoors.

The good news is that it is not very difficult to find out the perfect island lighting for your kitchen. Just go for whatever looks good and appealing to you.

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Things to remember while selecting kitchen island lights

While selecting the kitchen island light, you must be careful about your taste as well as needs. The light must blend perfectly with the kitchen furniture and ambience and must not stand out, drawing undue attention. The aim of the light is to enhance the look of your kitchen and not to draw attention away from it.

image of a custom kitchen with potlights

Another thing that you must take care of is the exact size of the island and also the size of the fixture space. As a rule, you must allow 6” extra space on each side of the kitchen island. So, you must remember to deduct 12” from the total island length.

After you are sure about the measurements, the next step is to do a little bit of research and go through the various styles, designs and colors available in the market. Kitchen island lights were good to have earlier, but in recent years they have become a must have. These island lights not only give a nice appeal to a nicely appointed kitchen, but also add a valuable workspace. If you are planning to have a new kitchen or to remodel your old one, it is time to seriously consider kitchen island lighting.

If you withhold any questions or concerns about kitchen pot lights in the Toronto area, please feel free to visit our “contact” page or call Mr. Potlight at 416-702-4401 today! Consultations are absolutely free, we welcome you to call us anytime.

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