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2019’s Top Lighting Trends

Okay, so we know most of you would be happy not giving your lights a second thought, beyond when your bulb goes out and you have to replace it. Some special people, however, do think about it, and we’re some of those few. We’re constantly upgrading our knowledge of elements of design.

In 2018, we saw some interesting trends such as the influx of vintage-inspired bulbs, the increase in recessed lighting and various rustic influences in overall home décor.

Guess what, 2019 is fast approaching, and that means a whole new season in design. This year, we believe it’s going to be all about atmosphere too, but in varying ways. Take a look at some of what we believe will be 2019’s top lighting trends.

Tripod lighting 2019 trends

Tripod Floor Lamps

We’re sure you’ve already seen images of this lamp in all those “cool” magazines, interior design images and so on. They’re the hippest thing on the market, and one of the most unique. Three slim legs balancing a single, round shade. Do you want to upgrade your lighting? One of these unwieldy, awkward standing lamps will do the trick.

(As you can see, we’re not too big on the amount of space these strange contraptions take up. But don’t worry, we won’t take away from the aura of modernity and hipster attitude a Tripod floor lamp will bring to your interior.)Modern lighting

Modern, Integrated LED Lighting Types

Modernity equals making everything around you sleeker, more refined, and less visible. Integrated LED Lighting can be used in strips, chocks, blocks or even peeking from behind corners, hidden behind wall appliques and within your furniture. Illuminate every corner of your interior with low maintenance, LED lighting illuminating countertops, closet and cabinet interiors and in hidden places.

The number of products sold with integrated LED lighting is rising, and we’re convinced that pretty sure we’ll see these lights in virtually all home furniture products sold. Buyer beware, many companies selling such products include poorly adhered, low-quality lighting you may be unable to replace. Inspect your product for quality before purchase.

country style lights

More Rustic Inspired Lighting

Hurray! More rustic, more hipster! As much as we loved them to begin with, we’re growing a bit tired of this trend, which is projected to grow ever larger in the upcoming year. Dim yellow lighting, retro exposed bulbs, and copper tinged lighting fixtures have dominated stores for months. These rustically inspired lights are unlikely to go away, and we admit, albeit begrudgingly, that they are interesting when used sparsely in conjunction with unique interior design.

Bright LED Pot Lights

High-Intensity Recessed Lights

Pot-lights, or our specialty, are steadily gaining traction in the market. The introduction of new LED-based high-intensity lighting has made pot lights a more feasible option for interior lighting of cabinets, closets and close to wall application. But we’re sure you already know that, because you’re as passionate about pot lights as we are, aren’t you?

stretched ceiling backlight


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