The era of dimly lit and smoke-filled pubs is almost gone. Nowadays, most bars are targeting a specific clientele and are using improved decor and elegant displays as the bait. Everything from the furniture to the interior decor is being made to top notch standards. One major aspect of pub decor that cannot be ignored is lighting.


Most people nowadays judge the quality of a bar by how well or poor it is lit. Proper lighting system brings in a look of elegance and ambiance; two key ingredients that make a quality pub. A bar lighting design can create a sense of comfort, warmth and intimacy. This provides a chic and cool place for people to relax in at whatever time of the day or night. There are those who may want to read a book or a newspaper when drinking and this can only be accomplished in a well lit room.


The key purpose of bar lighting design is to enhance safety and security. Staff and customers have to be assured of their wellbeing as they go ahead with their activities within the establishment. This is both a logical as well as regulatory objective. The nature of the business being carried out particularly necessitates this especially as the patrons imbibe and begin to lose some of their initial focus and proper mobility. They will need proper lighting to be able to navigate the various parts of the bar. Proper lighting both internally and externally is also a deterrent to mugging and petty fights that sometimes erupt in pubs.


This may seem like the most secondary objective of pub lighting but in the broader sense of business might be the most important. A good lighting should be able to accomplish both functionality and beauty needs.

It is essential to create decorations using light to enhance the interior décor of a bar. Various patterns can be created that rhyme with the main theme of the place. It is not uncommon to see light patterns creating an image of a guitar or revelers dancing right at the entrance of a pub. There is a theme to be advanced, and every part in the pub must work in harmony to portray it.


Bar lightinghas to be spot on and has to portray a welcoming atmosphere to the clients to make them feel at home away from home. If you want to get advice from experts, or a perfect potlights and recessed lights installation, contact the best lighting contractors in the GTA.

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