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Benefits of LED over Conventional Lighting

LED stands for light emitting diode. That doesn’t mean much to you, but it will in a second. LED lighting products work completely differently than conventional light bulbs. By passing an electrical current through a microchip, the energy source illuminates tiny light sources we call LEDs (or light emitting diodes) resulting in visible light. These kinds of lights are directional light sources, meaning they emit light in a specific direction unlike incandescent or CFL bulbs, which emit light every which way. This allows an LED to emit light much more efficiently than a conventional bulb, but is also far more difficult to produce. Usually, you’ll see coloured LEDs in signal lights, computer parts and inside older televisions. In order to produce the white light of a lightbulb, different coloured LED lights are combined and covered with a phosphor material which converts the light into a neutral, white light. See? It’s simple.

LED Lighting Benefits

Now that you know all that technical talk, we’ll get right into the benefits of LED lighting. You’ll find that when you compare, you won’t know why you ever purchased any other bulbs than LED, which is basically the largest leap in lighting technology and is the biggest leap in lighting, akin to taking analog lighting and replacing it with digital.

Longer Lifespan

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The number one cause for using LED bulbs is their life expectancy. LED bulbs have an expected lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or 11 continuous years of use. So, even if you leave the lights on for 8 hours a day you’d have to wait about 20 years before replacing the bulb. Crazy, right? Can you imagine exchanging your lightbulb once in the time it’ll take you to go through 5 smartphones?

LED lights never really burn out

LED’s are different than standard lighting, as they don’t actually burn out like a normal lightbulb. Instead, the diodes in the light emit lower levels of energy and slowly become less bright. You may see your light dimming, but it won’t go out for a long, long time.

Energy efficient beyond belief

An LED bulb is today’s most efficient way of lighting, and has an estimated efficiency of 80-90% more than conventional bulbs, with a loss of between 10-20%. This is the complete opposite of conventional bulbs, which h`cy of about 20% and loses about 80% of the energy used. The longer lifespan of an LED bulb acts as a multiplier, achieving more energy efficiency over the lifespan of the bulb. Think of a large shopping centre lit only by LED lights. Yes, that mall is saving 30% more energy than it would be should it be lit with conventional incandescent bulbs.

Environmentally friendly

No mercury included, no toxic materials used during production and 100% recyclable materials. A single LED light bulb can save the materials and replacements needed to make 25 incandescent bulbs. Why is anyone still using normal light bulbs? We can’t figure it out.

You’ll never accidentally break one

Ever tried to screw in an incandescent bulb only to have it shatter in your hands? LED bulbs are resistant to shock, vibration and impact, meaning they’re excellent for outdoor lighting systems and are perfect for clumsy people. That’s not to say you’re clumsy, but let’s admit that you’ve cracked at least one light bulb in your lifetime.

No UV emission or infrared light

Unlike conventional bulbs, they are suitable for the illumination of light and heat sensitive items and objects due to little heat emission, and virtually no UV emission.

Flexible design and use

As LEDs can be combined to produce any colour, lighting and distribution, they are among the most flexible for interior design and mood adjustment.

Low-voltage operation

You don’t need a high-voltage power supply to illuminate your home, meaning LED lighting can be used in outdoor settings, and can be connected to a solar-battery. This makes them perfect for outdoor settings, rural areas and remote locations.

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