Your kitchen is one of the busiest places of your household. It’s used every day for cooking, working and eating. And there’s the entertainment need for your kitchen where you entertain guests. With that said, because it’s so often used, you want it to feel as homely and welcoming as possible because it sees so much traffic. One of the most powerful ways to do that is choosing the correct lighting for your home. A great addition to your lighting scheme is pot lights under the cabinets. What are the benefits of under cabinet lighting?
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With lighting under the cabinets, you can add a sense of definition. Lighting under the cabinets highlight your counter-top and parts of your kitchen that normally doesn’t get primary lighting. This brings a sense of definition and makes your kitchen look much larger, which is great for a smaller kitchen in a smaller home. It also gives a warmer feeling to the kitchen, giving a proper lighting to your workspace.


There is of course the practical use for under cabinet lighting. They’re a great way to give a good lighting to your workplace so even at night time so you can you see what you’re doing. That illumination is also a great way to save energy, all you need is turn on the lights under your cabinets and you have proper lighting to do whatever you need without having to turn on the main lights. This is also a benefit for night time when perhaps you come home late and you don’t want to wake anyone up, all you have to do is turn on the lights under the cabinets and keep lighting levels low whilst still being able to safely manoeuvre and work.


The aesthetic appeal to under cabinet lights are very strong the moment you turn them on. Their ability to highlight your counter and cabinets and define your kitchen is unlike anything else you could do. They add a warm and welcoming feeling to your kitchen with a simple, yet pronounced light and really show the contours and additions to your kitchen.

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