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Benefits of LED over Conventional Lighting

LED stands for light emitting diode. That doesn’t mean much to you, but it will in a second. LED lighting products work completely differently than conventional light bulbs. By passing an electrical current through a microchip, the energy source illuminates tiny light sources we call LEDs (or light emitting diodes) resulting in visible light. These kinds of lights are directional light sources, meaning they emit light in a specific direction unlike incandescent or CFL bulbs, which emit light every which way. This allows an LED to emit light much more efficiently than a conventional bulb, but is also far more difficult to produce. Usually, you’ll see coloured LEDs in signal lights, computer parts and inside older televisions. In order to produce the white light of a lightbulb, different coloured LED lights are combined and covered with a phosphor material which converts the light into a neutral, white light. See? It’s simple.

5 Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Whether you’re building, renovating or simply looking to install new lighting in your home, recessed lights can be a leader in function and style. As you probably know, there are a number of benefits to recessed lights for your home interior.

Your Pot-light Questions, Answered by the Pros

Mr. Potlight is your number one pot-light installer in the Greater Toronto Area. As such, it would be unfair not to provide you with our professional expertise on the subject of pot-lights. In fact, it would be professional sacrilege. So, in order to share our expertise, we’ve accumulated some of the most commonly asked questions about pot-lights and answered them here. Wow, aren’t we nice?

Brilliant Lighting Ideas from Top Designers

As the days get shorter, we’re seeing less and less natural light every day. One of the leading causes of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is lack of natural lighting and vitamin D. Many people get avoid the winter blues by sitting under a sunlamp, or escaping for a week or two to a warm country and sunny beaches. What do we do here at Mr.Potlight? Well, we sure do like to take to interior decoration to pass the time. And there’s no better way to eliminate light deficiencies than home lighting. It may not help with vitamin D production, but a warmly lit room definitely helps us feel better. Take a page out of our books and use these upcoming winter months as the time to give the lighting in your home the creative touch it has been waiting for. Here are some great tips and tricks from top designers to help you make your home shine this winter season.

2019’s Top Lighting Trends

Okay, so we know most of you would be happy not giving your lights a second thought, beyond when your bulb goes out and you have to replace it. Some special people, however, do think about it, and we’re some of those few. We’re constantly upgrading our knowledge of elements of design.

In 2018, we saw some interesting trends such as the influx of vintage-inspired bulbs, the increase in recessed lighting and various rustic influences in overall home décor.

Guess what, 2019 is fast approaching, and that means a whole new season in design. This year, we believe it’s going to be all about atmosphere too, but in varying ways. Take a look at some of what we believe will be 2019’s top lighting trends.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Living room lighting is very important to any home owner that takes his home decor seriously. The living room in most homes serves multiple important purposes, combining the functions of a TV/Movie room, guest lounge and family playground. Even in homes where all those have specially designated rooms, these activities still tend to converge in the living room, because of it’s large space and general versatility of function.

Outdoor Pot Lights Ideas

Outdoor lighting solutions differ from indoor lighting for two main reasons. First of all, outdoor light fixtures need to be well resistant to the natural distraction elements, which are mainly water and temperature. An outdoor light fixture that is not water resistant will be easily damaged and will become a hazard and create dangers that we don’t want to deal with, and a non-heat resistant one will be easily warped and will simply not outlast one season of snow and then summer heat.

The second reason is that outdoors (back or front yard) there are less walls and no ceiling that will reflect and multiply the light. A regular light bulb in the middle of the yard will be visible but will not light the yard enough, leaving a pool of darkness around it. A different approach needs to be explored in this case. Lights should be directed at walls and objects around the yard, so that they spread the light around them.

Installing the Modern Lighting in Toronto

Lighting fixtures in Toronto

Inner lighting is an essential aspect that has a significant impact on both the functional features of every interior design and the aesthetics. The mood of a room can be set by lighting. Also, lighting highlights vital factors like antique accessories or paintings, and of course lights up places for everyday activities like reading or cooking. Moreover, lighting includes an estimation of 10% of an average energy bill of a family. Selecting the right lighting is; therefore, critical for both your wallet and the looks of your home.

Quality Home Improvements: Lightening

Quality home Lighting can boost the look of a room and provide it with some personality. There are a number of designs and brands that are accessible and the type of lighting that you choose can actually improve the design of the room. After all everybody loves beauty, isn’t that right? For example, if you need something to provide a relaxed and calm mood to the room, pot lights with bulbs that are dim would help you achieve that look. Also, to truly make your room look glamorous you may want to try crystal chandelier.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Your kitchen is one of the busiest places of your household. It’s used every day for cooking, working and eating. And there’s the entertainment need for your kitchen where you entertain guests. With that said, because it’s so often used, you want it to feel as homely and welcoming as possible because it sees so much traffic. One of the most powerful ways to do that is choosing the correct lighting for your home. A great addition to your lighting scheme is pot lights under the cabinets. What are the benefits of under cabinet lighting?


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