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Kitchen Ceiling Lights Toronto

kitchen space lighting

Kitchen Space Lighting

When it comes to the kitchen, many people tend to be concerned with appliances and cabinets. Lighting is of equal importance, where a perfect plan will do more than just illuminating the area. There are three major options you can go with when investing in kitchen ceiling lights in Toronto and these are:

Task Lighting

The first step in task lighting is to identify the areas where you will be performing various tasks in the kitchen. These may include areas where you will be using your chopping/ cutting board, prep stations, where you will be making coffee, or areas around sinks and tables. You should then select the parts of ceilings above these areas and have your lights installed.

Pendants lights are pretty common in task lighting, and these are usually designed to hang from the ceiling where they can be adjusted to any height, which are now available in modern and beautiful fixtures that are hung using a single chord. Another option on the kitchen ceiling lights in Toronto is recessed lighting to provide more directional beams. Some of these can even be adjusted to focus the light on certain areas.

Mr. Potlight is currently providing highly reliable services in installing pot lights where everything is left to a team of high skilled and trained experts. All works are always completed to the highest standards.

Ambient lighting

kitchen ceiling lighting

Kitchen Ceiling Pot Lights

This is meant to provide powerful lighting to illuminate a larger surface so as to reach some areas like the kitchen table, cabinets or even refrigerator. It is; therefore, important to find a central place where the main fixture will be installed. There are various options in the market today with such fixtures being made from materials like plastic, ceramic, iron and glass among others. You will surely find something for your décor and style.

Accent lighting

This will be an ideal solution if you are looking forward to highlighting certain elements in the kitchen, for example, wall paintings and collection of silverware or chinaware arranged beautifully in a sideboard/ cupboard. Pot lights will work wonders in accent lighting, and you can even opt for smaller bulbs since these are not expected to have any impact on your day to day activities in the kitchen.

Tips when selecting kitchen lights

With refrigerators, microwaves and electric cookers, your kitchen can greatly inflate your electric bill, and it is wise to cut on energy costs where possible. The following are some tips that can assist you in doing so:

  • Consider using LED lights
  • Install a dimmer switch for use in mood lighting e.g. when entertaining guests
  • Decide on type of lighting depending on primary functions e.g. task lighting where the kitchen is only used for cooking

For most people, weighing all the mentioned options can be a bit challenging, and this is where one should consider advice by professionals. Mr. Potlight now has over 10 years experience in installing kitchen ceiling lights in Toronto where the projects are always handled by trained and certified professionals.

Feel free to contact our representatives today, and all matters will be handled within the agreed period of time.


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We guarantee that your pot light installation will be completed in one day! We install over 100 pot lights in a day with Absolutely No Mess or Damage to your home. We provide a 5-year Warranty on our products. Our policy reflects the following statement: you don’t have to pay until your pot light installation is complete and up to par, because we hold our promise to the highest degree of integrity.