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Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Kitchen island lighting are a popular trend these days. Proper kitchen island lighting that is well coordinated can instantly transform a dull kitchen into appealing and bring it to life. Also, another reason for their popularity is that their installation is comparatively inexpensive. The installation procedure is also less time consuming.

Things to remember while selecting kitchen island lights

While selecting the kitchen island light, you must be careful about your taste as well as needs. The light must blend perfectly with the kitchen furniture and ambience and must not stand out, drawing undue attention. The aim of the light is to enhance the look of your kitchen and not to draw attention away from it.

Another thing that you must take care of is the exact size of the island and also the size of the fixture space. As a rule, you must allow 6” extra space on each side of the kitchen island. So, you must remember to deduct 12” from the total island length.

After you are sure about the measurements, the next step is to do a little bit of research and go through the various styles, designs and colors available in the market. Kitchen island lights were good to have earlier, but in recent years they have become a must have. These island lights not only give a nice appeal to a nicely appointed kitchen, but also add a valuable workspace. If you are planning to have a new kitchen or to remodel your old one, it is time to seriously consider kitchen island lighting.

Kitchen island light ideas

Here are a few options or design ideas that you can consider:

  • One of the most accepted kitchen island lighting options is the lighting that is built into a pot rack. It gives you a place to hang your pots and pans as well as provides wonderful lighting to be able to cook properly.
  • You can also opt for the ceiling mounted lighting. You can either go for can style lighting that is flush mounted on the ceiling or for the pendant style lighting. They not only lighten up your kitchen but also add a dramatic appeal to it.
  • For larger kitchen islands, chandelier style lighting is ideal. It allows maximum coverage with fewer lights, thus reducing clutter and giving your kitchen a cleaner look.
  • For Single Island kitchens, the fixtures must be centered over the island while for a mobile island, make sure it is centered in the room before deciding where to fix the light.
  • Recessed light should be evenly spread and must cover the entire island.
  • Some designers also support the idea of using lights that would look more at the home outdoors.

The good news is that it is not very difficult to find out the perfect island lighting for your kitchen. Just go for whatever looks good and appealing to you. 

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ESA Certification

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