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Pot Lights Ideas

image of a living room

Lighting is one of the most important parts of your home. Without it, it would be very difficult to do basic tasks without a large risk of injury. Today’s advance in materials and technology also allows us to add a decorative spin to lighting fixtures and accent your home with a bold statement. There are many lighting ideas, some for large rooms, and some with smaller rooms in mind. With all the options available, it’s hard to choose which one is right for which room. Well, we at Mr.Potlight are happy to give you some helpful tips on using pot lights as a stand-alone or with other lights to make your home shine.
Pot lights by themselves are an excellent choice when it comes to lighting your home. They have many possibilities and ways you can set them up to have a stylish lighting setup.
Quality home Lighting can boost the look of a room and provide it with some personality. There are a number of designs and brands that are accessible and the type of lighting that you choose can actually improve the design of the room. After all everybody loves beauty, isn’t that right? For example, if you need something to provide a relaxed and calm mood to the room, pot lights that dim would help you achieve that look.

If your home decorations appear to be somehow aged, this is the right moment to improve your decor by supplementing it with contemporary lighting in your interior design pattern. Contemporary lighting can involve fashionable additions of different types. It all relies on the style of light that you need. Here are a few ideas of the inner creations you may want to think of.

Room By Room Pot Light Ideas

If you are looking for new and refreshing lighting ideas for your home, pot lights lighting is a popular option to consider. An LED pot light is more long-lasting compared to many other choices of lighting, such as fluorescent lighting and incandescent lamps. Read on to discover more advantages and upsides to installing pot lights in your home.

amazing bathroom with potlights - mr.potlight pot light installers

Bathroom Pot Lighting

Because pot lights are sealed completely and are flush with the ceiling, pot lights are ideal for stand-up showers and bathrooms because they provide a full lighting source without fogging up or shorting out because of moisture.

pot lights in kitchen

Kitchen Pot Lighting

Compound lighting with kitchen lighting is a popular choice to have. With smaller lighting fixtures mixed with pot lights to form an even lighting scheme and even accent your kitchen to make it look larger than it is.

image of a hallway

Hallway Pot Lights

A number of inner or interior designers like to work with pot lights since it is a simple way for them to build a particular mood or ambiance. Items of light have a lot more function than to only light up a room. Many light fixtures are so heavily decorated that they can be the unique point of focus in a room while some light items are able to be used in many purposes and act as both a side table and a lamp. Modern pot lights have a huge array of assorted colours that you can select from.

There are a large number of different styles and options to select from as far as choosing lighting for the rooms inside your home is concerned. First of all, you need to make your mind on what kind of appearance you are trying to look for. Is your home classic, modern, contemporary or country? Finding a solution to what you already have will make it simpler to buy modern lighting fixtures.

By just modernizing your lighting fixtures, you’ll be capable of achieving the look of whole room makeover. You’ll be surprised at how modern and fresh your room will abruptly look thanks to the supplement of a few pot light fixtures.

Once you’ve figured out the kind of style you want, the following step is to decide what mood you would want to build for every room.

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Pot Light Placement Ideas

pot lights installed in the living room

Pot Lights in a Row Formation

Setting pot lights up in rows creates a sit-down bar feeling and is great for any place of entertainment or even an at-home bar. Rows are also great for lighting a room when spaced out correctly, allowing for a constant and even lighting across the entire room, getting rid of uneven lighting and dark spots in the room.

amazing kitchen with back lit cabinets and potlights

Under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to add depth and warmth to your kitchen by lighting up your counter. It’s also very practical, allowing you to use minimal light and save energy whilst still allowing for a safe amount of light to work and walk around.

pot lights in bathroom

Compound Pot Lighting

Compound lighting is when you mix two lighting sources together for one room, and it’s very common to see that in larger rooms, where you have multiple smaller lights, usually pot lights, around a large decorative lighting source. The most common place to see this is in halls or large dining areas, but it’s also common to see this in larger rooms in someone’s home.

recessed lights design

Play with Height

Not every single light has to go in your ceiling. Functionally, you’re going to want to illuminate the important areas of your home. This means, for example, that if you’re installing pot-lights into a multi-level ceiling, you should consider aligning the pot-lights in a way that structures your design around the various levels instead of sticking to one. This way, you’re creating a more varied interior and a bigger statement.

luxury kitchen lighting representation

Illuminate your décor

What is the point of a work of art, if your light misses it completely? Consider installing a pot light directly overhead whatever accent pieces play the biggest role in your interior design.

LED potlights examples

Recessed Lighting with Standing Lights

No, we know we’re supposed to say that all you need is pot-lights, but the reality of the matter is that varied lighting sources simply make for a more interesting interior. Play around with varied lighting sources in addition to pot-lights and create a cozy, decorative look.

potlight installation image

Incorporate a statement piece

Okay, so you’re installing, let’s say… pot-lights (haha) and your overall look isn’t very interesting, because (dare we say it) the pot-lights are not enough to create a unique difference in your design. In this situation, you can play with the size of objects in the room and add a statement piece such as an oversized decorative element, holder or chandelier. Play around with panel lighting, and attempt to contrast the rest of the room. Whereas pot-lights accent the décor, your accent piece should grab attention and be another focal point.

image of a kitchen with recessed light installed

Layer Your Pot Lighting

Install multiple layers of lighting, to create a layered, defined look. Multiple sources, distinct features and prominent differences in tone, height and shape will create an interesting interior not restricted to a single line or layers of lighting.

Bathroom potlights image

Use Mirrors

Have a small space? Want more light, without extra wiring? Put a mirror in the room for increased lighting and a seemingly larger interior.

Finding The proper Lighting Fixtures for You

The perfect way to ensure that you exactly find whatever you are looking for is by contacting the professionals at stores that specialize in modern lighting Toronto. You can inform them exactly how much you would want to spend and they can help in getting something that fits your price variation. They can provide you with advice on the various types of pot light bulbs accessible in Toronto and can offer you recommendations on what fits your requirements the most.

Whichever lighting idea you choose, be sure to call or email us at Mr. Potlight for any questions you have, as well as inquiries and estimates.

Outdoor Pot Lights Ideas

LED lights are a proven way to save large amounts of energy and cut energy costs significantly. LED pot lights are no exception to this rule. When it comes to outdoor lights, LED pot lights are one of the best options to choose from because they provide a strong light source without putting a dent in your energy bill. Here are a few outdoor LED pot light ideas that will put a new spin on your outdoor scenery. But first, a little look into how LED lights work.

LED, or light emitting diode, is a small light that uses electricity to agitate atoms and cause light. This is a huge benefit over regular lighting because it doesn’t need to generate heat to create light. This means that not only is it very cost-effective, but it means it never burns out. Some LED lights can last up to 100 000 hours without losing power. To put that into perspective, you can leave an LED light on for more than 10 years! With that said, here are some great ways to take advantage of these long lasting lights.

Outdoor lighting solutions differ from indoor lighting for two main reasons. First of all, outdoor light fixtures need to be well resistant to the natural distraction elements, which are mainly water and temperature. An outdoor light fixture that is not water resistant will be easily damaged and will become a hazard and create dangers that we don’t want to deal with, and a non-heat resistant one will be easily warped and will simply not outlast one season of snow and then summer heat.

The second reason is that outdoors (back or front yard) there are less walls and no ceiling that will reflect and multiply the light. A regular light bulb in the middle of the yard will be visible but will not light the yard enough, leaving a pool of darkness around it. A different approach needs to be explored in this case. Lights should be directed at walls and objects around the yard, so that they spread the light around them.

Both problems have several solutions, of which the optimal one is using pot lights. They are designed perfectly for use outdoors. Being small enclosed units, they can be placed in recessed niches and will be snug and invisible themselves, while lighting the area around them with incredible efficiency. The units are made of temperature and water resistant materials and are usually installed in such a way that makes them safe from the weather. The units are small and easy to install and conceal, making it possible to strategically place them around the yard, lighting objects and using the pot lights as spotlights. Within this general strategy, there are several different tactics.

backyard stairs with potlights - potlight installation

Exterior Pathway Lighting and Highlights

This idea is not only stylish, but is safety-conscious as well. Putting a row of LED pot lights on one or each side of your pathway up to your home or patio in your backyard provides a highlight to your Path or Patio whilst also showing the edges of where you can walk. LED Pot lights are a great choice here because they have the most powerful light that isn’t hindered by rain or fog, whilst using minimal energy to do so.

custom home with exterior potlights

Backyard Path Lights

This outdoor pot light idea is perfect for the front yard and porch, especially when expecting to greet guests. Dim lights are placed in the paving on both sides of the path and stairs, creating a lit path that will be both mystical and welcoming. Adding a few spotlight beams on the house walls will complete this picture, making it perfect.

exterior pool with potlights in the backyard - recessed lightling

Magic Garden Potlights

The pot lights are placed in the tree roots, lighting them from underneath, while a few more can be installed in the boughs. It is an outdoor pot light idea that makes for a delightful time in the backyard, entertaining friends at the pool and sipping martinis.

backyard with a pool, pot lights and led outdoor lighting

Backyard Centrepiece Lighting

Another large benefit of LED pot lights is that it provides very natural and neutral white lights, which is great for showcasing certain features around your backyard or front yard. Put under a sculpture it provides a natural light that showcases your decorative piece as it would look in the sunlight, so there’s no risk of having a different colour tinge that might throw the look of your decoration.

There is much, much more to say about the use of pot lights outdoors. We will be glad to share this knowledge with you. Begin the transformation of your home’s lighting into something just short of magical.

Interested in changing your lights? Consult Mr.Potlight today, and we will analyze your personal situation with insightful advice and take all your needs into consideration.

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