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To ensure that you get the best results possible, It is a must that you avoid guesswork while shopping for pot lights. There are certain decisions that you will need to make on pot light fixtures in Toronto, some of which will require specific product recommendations that we, at Mr. Potlight, will gladly fulfill. For starters, you should try to understand or at least have basic information relating to:

Types of Housing

Generally, you will have two major options when it comes to housing. You can go for New Construction if you are constructing a new office/home, or Remodeling, or if you are installing recessed lights in an existing building. In any case, pot lights make an outstanding way to provide sufficient light in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, living room or dining room. At Mr. Potlight, we have a complete range of pot light fixtures including bulbs and trims in almost all major brands.

Now, you have to consider the following options:

1. IC and Non- IC: you will need to go with an IC rated housing if you have an insulated ceiling. Either of the two options will work for non-insulated ceilings.

2. Air Tight: these are modern designs meant to increase energy efficiency. They are improvements on traditional housings that would result in loss of heat or cool air into ceilings, eventually increasing the heating and cooling costs.

Other types of housings that you may need to consider when selecting pot light fixtures Toronto include:

  • UL/ CUL Damp Locations
  • Fire Rated Light Covers
  • Commercial use housings

For professional assistance when shopping for pot light fixtures in Toronto, you can rely on us. We guarantee you the best solutions when it comes to potlights for residential or commercial uses.

Types of Trims

Once you’ve installed your recessed lights, trims are the only parts that will remain visible. You should confirm that the trims you pick correspond with your new or existing housing. Here, at Mr. Potlight, we provide various types of trims including-

1. Baffles

2. Wall washers

3. Eyeballs

Other types that you may need to consider when purchasing pot light fixtures in Toronto include open, reflectors, and decorative trims.

 Types of lamps

We have a vast variety of lamps available for you to select from, and you will also have a plethora of sets to choose from. On incandescent lamps, you will have options like R Lamps, Par Lamps and Halogen lamps. Other types of bulbs include compact fluorescent, high intensity discharge, metal halides, mercury vapor and high pressure sodium among others.

Get help from the experts!

From the above discussion, you can agree that there are many enormous and important decisions to be made before purchasing pot light fixtures Toronto. However, this should be pretty easy with the highly reliable and efficient services that we at Mr. Pot light offer. Our team of experts will tend to you and offer forward the best recessed lighting installation solutions.

Feel free to contact us to get more suggestions and our experienced consultants will gladly put all our services to your disposal.


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Mr.Potlight Advantage

  1. All our electricians are licensed
  2. We are fully insured
  3. You will receive an ESA Certificate after installation *
  4. We guarantee that there will be Absolutely No Mess or
    Damage to your home
  5. You pay upon the completion of your pot light installation
  1. No Molding required – We do not run wires through Moldings
  2. No Damage to Ceilings
  3. No ripping of carpets or drywalls
  4. No overloading of Circuits
  5. No use sub-par pot lights


ESA Certification

*To receive an ESA Certification please verify with the electrician when consulting.



We guarantee that your pot light installation will be completed in one day! We install over 100 pot lights in a day with Absolutely No Mess or Damage to your home. We provide a 5-year Warranty on our products. Our policy reflects the following statement: you don’t have to pay until your pot light installation is complete and up to par, because we hold our promise to the highest degree of integrity.