Commonly, clients who hire renovation and electrical companies prefer choices with a long history of satisfied service and a great deal of benefits. Mr. Potlight offers both, and a handful of other exceptional services. With 25 years of  experience in the field, we have trademarked and delivered pending innovations that provide excellence, quality, and guaranteed satisfaction. Our cost-effective solutions apply to any property: residentialcommercial or recreational.

Our vision is to accept every customer and work for any environment, providing solutions to any property, while adding style and personality to the project. There are no bad ideas. Inform us on how you have envisioned for your room to be presented, and we will supply you with a step-by-step plan to specifically suit your every need. Our workers are remarkably skillful; our specialties also include work efficiency and organization.

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Our company has well equipped teams of professional and licensed workers who will accomplish the job with accuracy and efficiency. Mr. Potlight is fully insured and will guarantee our customers a complete ESA Certificate when the installation has been finished. Our company also allows the benefit to pay for personal kitchen recessed lighting after the completion of your installation. We’ll make sure that your pot lights have been installed correctly and accordingly and you are left with satisfaction and content.

Considering our 25 years of professional experience, we know exactly what our customers and clients want. We distribute the most constructive and concise advice that anyone would look for in the interior installation business. In addition, we provide different types and styles of lighting, all to your advantage and preferences. With licensed and skilled technicians, we guarantee complete satisfaction and a worry-free experience. We are fully insured, and you would only have to pay upon our completion of the project. Our team of focused and concentrated workers have served countless households and businesses since the dawning of our company. Relax, sit back, and enjoy the finished look of your fantastic new kitchen pot lights.

It is of utmost importance that you choose a professional to help you out, which is why Mr. Potlight is just a phone call away. The benefits that you will stand to get are all quality services by licensed experts who will use certified products and effective solutions where there will be no damage to your home. An ESA certificate will also be issued after installation.


Potlights  “pot lights,” or “can lights” (in the US) are quickly becoming an extremely popular lighting fixture thanks to their sleek design, easy installation, and overall look. They are also relatively inexpensive, energy efficient, and go well in nearly every room of your household. With a wide variety of bulbs available, not only will they give you different lighting levels and colours to suit your needs, but you can even further increase your energy saving benefits. So, whether you spell it “pot light” or “potlight,” they are a prime choice for any homeowner thanks to their vast possibilities.

Pot lights are very low-profile. They do not take away from the furniture or centerpiece that is in the room as they are set right into the ceiling. They also very conveniently do not get in the way when you are moving a tall piece of furniture or equipment. This low-profile ability also allows you to put them into low-ceiling rooms where a regular light could be too low and could potentially be in the way.

Pot lights also tend to give off a very professional and uniform look, which is great for anywhere from bars to kitchens and hallways. As stated before, they are multi-directional, which means that the light does not necessarily have to shine down where it is installed, it can be adjusted to fit the needs of the room.

Pot lights are also a great way to complete an already lit room; you can install them to complement a more decorative lighting fixture (such as a chandelier) to ensure that the room is more uniformly lit. This would get rid of any unwanted and unattractive shadows, making the room feel more inviting and welcoming without taking attention away from the centerpiece. Pot lights can also be installed in suspended ceilings, high ceilings, and some can even be installed around insulation. Their versatility is immense, which makes them a great choice virtually anywhere.

It is always a good choice to consult or hire a professional when dealing with lighting as it involves the electrical wiring of your house. This prevents the risk of faulty wiring, electrical fires, and overall damage to your household. If you are considering replacing your old lighting fixture, contact Mr. Potlight today.

Our absolute joy and accomplishment come from seeing homeowners and office workers enjoying their environment with the result of our assistance. After all, we spend the majority of our time a home or work, hence the importance of lighting. Phenomenal lighting is not only beneficial to our health, but to our moods and overall productivity as well. To ensure a well-packaged life, proper investment in lighting can create positive effects to those intangible necessities in life: happiness, fulfillment, and accomplishment. It is needless to say that a brighter workstation leads to a brighter and more successful life.


For commercial electrical installations, it is important to ensure that safe and standard products are used. There are thousands of cases where sub-standard works have resulted in fires and damage. Some people will find it hard differentiating between genuine and low-quality products, but it is usually very obvious where professionals are involved. There are also manufacturers who have authorized outlets. These are the types of places where you should get your electrical products from.

Installing light fixtures in a commercial building is often a serious project and an experienced contractor should be able to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete the whole process. Remember that this could affect your business, and there should be minimal disturbances.

For all your needs in commercial lighting in Toronto, contact Mr. Potlight today where all tasks will be carried out by a highly trained, certified and experienced team of professionals. Everything will be done in time with most projects being completed in just a matter of hours. You will also get an ESA certificate once installation is done. You can easily confirm the quality of our work by checking out reviews or ratings by previous clients.

Our experience in commercial pot light installation has allowed Mr. Potlight to distinguish itself from the competition with our superior knowledge and experience in electrical services. We know how your systems work firsthand with a long history of quality completed projects, so you can rest assured that your pot light installation will be in good hands.


We provide service all around the GTA, contact us at (416)-702-4401 for quotes and estimates in North York, or at (905)-508-4411 for inquiries in the GTA. Our fully licensed and insured electricians supply and install pot lights. We also offer a 5-year warranty on our products. If you need to consult with a pot light specialist, we would be happy to assist you. Call us at 416-702-4401 or send your inquiry by email using contact form. If you have plans of installing ceiling pot lights today, we here at Mr. Potlight, are always ready to serve you with the best solutions possible. Every part of the process will be done professionally, with no damage to your ceiling and the house at large and in a very short time. Simply call us today and let us assist you in making informed decisions on ceiling pot lights Toronto.


To determine how much to space your pot light, it is recommended to measure your room to see how many lighting fixtures you will need. A common rule is that you use one pot light for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space. for more extended information you can visit our blog post.

It is not recommended to do any repair\remove pot lights without assistance of a trained professional,the potential damage that you can cause to your home is significant, also the potential danger to yourself when dealing with electrical work without experience.

The best choice for energy-efficient light bulb is LED bulbs. Compared to CFL or Incandescent light bulbs, LED bulbs require much less wattage. Not only that they are the most energy-efficient, they also last longer than the other types.

There are few factors to take in account to understand how much will it cost to install pot-lights : the first factor is what kind of pot light you want and the bulbs themselves, the second factor is the installation itself, how much Installation Cost will depend on where the pot light will be installed and if the Wiring needs to be Moved around any obstacles. it is best to hire a professional to install pot lights to prevent any damage to you or your home.

Pot-lights can be installed in almost any room, interior or exterior and have a multitude of variations. We can help you determine the kinds of lights to install in what circumstances. For example, you should be installing moisture tight and water-proof lighting in bathrooms or kitchens, or areas prone to moisture. Interiors, insulated lighting should be installed where the potential for overheating exists. We always take into account safety restrictions and problems before going through with any installations.

Honestly, whatever kind you want. Depending on where you will be installing your pot-lights and whether you have the proper wiring, you can install a variety of pot-light shapes, sizes and light types.

Mr. Potlight guarantees single day installation of all projects.

That depends on if your ceilings are already wired for pot-lights. If not, the installation of your pot-lights will require wiring. However, we ensure that no damage is done to your ceiling, drywall or floors. We don’t require the installation of mouldings to wire your ceiling.

Ah, now this is a trade secret… but we’ll tell you anyway! Instead of taking your ceiling apart, we cut holes only where the pot lights will be, and use fish-tape to route the wiring through your ceiling, from hole to hole. This way, you avoid any mess and we’re out of your hair in no time at all!

It is possible to put pot lights in drop ceiling. Your pot light contractor will have to use support bars or blocks with frame that rest on the ceiling grid.

Of course! We’re licensed by the ESRA and the Electrical Safety Authority. All our electricians and installers are required to have the proper documentation, and will procure it for you when asked.

Yes, if you install dimmable light bulbs.

LED lights are more expensive upfront, but their lifespan and energy efficiency are better than incandescent bulbs. Prices for LED lighting are constantly dropping and, in the long term, LED lights are definitely worth it even today.

Track lighting and recessed lights are best for commercial spaces due to high efficiency, easy installation and servicing, efficient even lighting and convenient placement for any space, big or small.

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