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Pot light installations are becoming more predominantly used in homes across Canada.  More and more home buyers are realizing their advantages which makes pot light installation one of the best lighting choices nowadays. Many advocates even suggesting their use for both the interior and exterior of homes. It is vital to make sure you choose the correct contractor to install pot lights in your home, as this task should always be in the hands of an expert. Our team has the privilege of leading the market, and we always suggest making sure that your electrician is experienced and specializes in this task. All experts that do the job well use:

1. Laser trackers – Assuring your installation is properly aligned.
2. Customizable cutting tools – Tools that are specially made for potlight installation for the different types of homes/ceilings.
3. Area measurement tools – Tools that aid the electrician in measuring potlight symmetry.
4. Safe electrical products – Products that meet the Electrical Safety Authorities Policies and home building codes.

pot light installation in luxury waffle ceiling aurora

Benefits of Our Potlight Service

new kitchen potlights and recessed lights

It is crucial that your potlight installers have in-depth knowledge of building and framing. The Mr. Potlight team began its journey as an electrical sub-contractor to a builder. The team would provide roughing-in and paneling services at the early stages of construction after the framing had been done. This experience has allowed Mr. Potlight to distinguish itself from the competition with our superior knowledge and experience in electrical services. We know how your systems work firsthand with a long history of quality completed projects, so you can rest assured that your potlight installation will be in good hands.

We provide service all around the GTA, contact us at (416)-702-4401 for quotes and estimates in North York, or at (905)-508-4411 for inquiries in the GTA. Our fully licensed and insured electricians supply and install pot lights. We also offer a 5-year warranty on our products.

Why Install Pot Lights?

“Potlights,” “pot lights,” or “can lights” (in the US) are quickly becoming an extremely popular lighting fixture thanks to their sleek design, easy installation, and overall look. They are also relatively inexpensive, energy efficient, and go well in nearly every room of your household. With a wide variety of bulbs available, not only will they give you different lighting levels and colours to suit your needs, but you can even further increase your energy saving benefits. So, whether you spell it “pot light” or “potlight,” they are a prime choice for any homeowner thanks to their vast possibilities.

Pot lights are very low-profile. They do not take away from the furniture or centerpiece that is in the room as they are set right into the ceiling. They also very conveniently do not get in the way when you are moving a tall piece of furniture or equipment. This low-profile ability also allows you to put them into low-ceiling rooms where a regular light could be too low and could potentially be in the way.

Modern recessed lighting image
living room pot lights

Pot lights also tend to give off a very professional and uniform look, which is great for anywhere from bars to kitchens and hallways. As stated before, they are multi-directional, which means that the light does not necessarily have to shine down where it is installed, it can be adjusted to fit the needs of the room.

Pot lights are also a great way to complete an already lit room; you can install them to complement a more decorative lighting fixture (such as a chandelier) to ensure that the room is more uniformly lit. This would get rid of any unwanted and unattractive shadows, making the room feel more inviting and welcoming without taking attention away from the centerpiece. Pot lights can also be installed in suspended ceilings, high ceilings, and some can even be installed around insulation. Their versatility is immense, which makes them a great choice virtually anywhere.

It is always a good choice to consult or hire a professional when dealing with lighting as it involves the electrical wiring of your house. This prevents the risk of faulty wiring, electrical fires, and overall damage to your household. If you are considering replacing your old lighting fixture, contact Mr. Potlight today.

Pot Lights FAQs

How many pot lights should be installed per square foot?

To determine how much to space your pot light, it is recommended to measure your room to see how many lighting fixtures you will need. A common rule is that you use one pot light for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space. for more extended information you can visit our blog post.

How to remove pot lights?

It is not recommended to do any repair\remove pot lights without assistance of a trained professional,the potential damage that you can cause to your home is significant, also the potential danger to yourself when dealing with electrical work without experience.

What is the most energy efficient light bulb?

The best choice for energy-efficient light bulb is LED bulbs. Compared to CFL or Incandescent light bulbs, LED bulbs require much less wattage. Not only that they are the most energy-efficient, they also last longer than the other types.

Are all pot lights dimmable?

Most of the pot light fixtures can be dimmed with standard incandescent dimmer. Some LED pot lights are not compatible with the dimming function. It is recommended to check with a professional if the LED pot light you like to buy supports this function.

How much does it cost to install pot lights?

There are few factors to take in account to understand how much will it cost to install pot-lights : the first factor is what kind of pot light you want and the bulbs themselves, the second factor is the installation itself, how much Installation Cost will depend on where the pot light will be installed and if the Wiring needs to be Moved around any obstacles. it is best to hire a professional to install pot lights to prevent any damage to you or your home.

Where can I install pot-lights?

Pot-lights can be installed in almost any room, interior or exterior and have a multitude of variations. We can help you determine the kinds of lights to install in what circumstances. For example, you should be installing moisture tight and water-proof lighting in bathrooms or kitchens, or areas prone to moisture. Interiors, insulated lighting should be installed where the potential for overheating exists. We always take into account safety restrictions and problems before going through with any installations.

Mr. Potlight Advantage

  1. All our electricians are licensed
  2. We are fully insured
  3. You will receive an ESA Certificate after installation *
  4. Absolutely No Mess or Damage to your home guaranteed
  5. You pay upon the completion of your pot light installation
  1. No Molding required – We do not run wires through Moldings
  2. No Damage to Ceilings
  3. No ripping of carpets or drywalls
  4. No overloading of Circuits
  5. No use sub-par pot lights

ESA Certification

*To receive an ESA Certification please verify with the electrician when consulting.



  • We guarantee that your pot light installation will be completed in one day!
  • We install over 100 pot lights in a day with Absolutely No Mess or Damage to your home.
  • We provide a 5-year Warranty on our products.
  • Our policy reflects the following statement: you don’t have to pay until your pot light installation is complete and up to par, because we hold our promise to the highest degree of integrity.

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