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Quality Home Improvements: Lightening

Quality home Lighting can boost the look of a room and provide it with some personality. There are a number of designs and brands that are accessible and the type of lighting that you choose can actually improve the design of the room. After all everybody loves beauty, isn’t that right? For example, if you need something to provide a relaxed and calm mood to the room, pot lights with bulbs that are dim would help you achieve that look. Also, to truly make your room look glamorous you may want to try crystal chandelier.

If your home decorations appear to be somehow aged, this is the right moment to improve your decor by supplementing it with contemporary lighting in your interior design pattern. Contemporary lighting can involve fashionable additions of different types. It all relies on the style of light that you need. Here are a few ideas of the inner creations you may want to think of.


When it comes to chandeliers, you may automatically bring the visual of a big ornate fixture hung heavily with crystal pendants. Modern chandeliers are anything but formal and stately. They can be as glamorous, trendy, funky and casual as you need them to be. For your own designed appearance, you may want to try a chandelier that’s suspended with acrylic disks in shades of silver, white or gold.

Pendant Lighting

One of the best modes in modern design, pendant lights are fixtures that suspend from the ceiling and are given support  by a cord, a chain, or a metal stick. These lighting fixtures are most of the time designed to include a number of light shades, which are typically made of acrylic, glass or fabric, but can as well be constructed of wood and other non common materials.

Pendant lights may be applicable to both task and ambient lighting and are available in a number of fashionable, modern designs. Another idea are pot lights artistically constructed as operational show-lights for your room, and can be used to show pieces of sculptures.

Globe Lights

Globe lights shape of the glass are the most popular design mode and are used in chandeliers, floor lamps, pendant lighting. These globe lights come in all colors and sizes, from clear to red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, black and even green.

Ambient and Task Lighting

A number of modern light fixtures, such as pot lights, can be applicable to both ambient and task lighting. You can also put together a mix of ambient and task lighting by installing a large number of ambient light fixtures close to your major source of task lighting. For quality home improvements, the use of light can set the scene, alter any space, and create the best ambience.

By just modernizing your lighting fixtures, you’ll be capable of achieving the look of whole room make-over. You’ll be surprised at how modern and fresh your room will abruptly look thanks to the supplement of a few light fixtures and contemporary floor lamps. Contact Mr.Potlight for free and professional consultation on how to improve your home and make it more beautiful and friendly!

Mr. Potlight Advantage

  1. All our electricians are licensed
  2. We are fully insured
  3. You will receive an ESA Certificate after installation *
  4. Absolutely No Mess or Damage to your home guaranteed
  5. You pay upon the completion of your pot light installation
  1. No Molding required – We do not run wires through Moldings
  2. No Damage to Ceilings
  3. No ripping of carpets or drywalls
  4. No overloading of Circuits
  5. No use sub-par pot lights

ESA Certification

*To receive an ESA Certification please verify with the electrician when consulting.



  • We guarantee that your pot light installation will be completed in one day!
  • We install over 100 pot lights in a day with Absolutely No Mess or Damage to your home.
  • We provide a 5-year Warranty on our products.
  • Our policy reflects the following statement: you don’t have to pay until your pot light installation is complete and up to par, because we hold our promise to the highest degree of integrity.

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