Whether you’re building, renovating or simply looking to install new lighting in your home, recessed lights can be a leader in function and style. As you probably know, there are a number of benefits to recessed lights for your home interior.
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1. Pot-Lights Offer Your Home a Clean, Modern and Streamlined Lighting Style.

What does this mean? Well, in addition to increasing lighting spread, pot-lights can be used to highlight certain portions of your room such as important artworks and special features, thereby opening the space up and making it look and feel bigger, and more modern.

2. You Can Install Them Virtually Anywhere without Feat of Making a Fashion Faux-Pas.

So, if you really don’t know anything about interior design and want to try to spruce up your lighting, you really don’t have to worry about going wrong with pot-lights, which are a timeless addition to your home no matter the interior.

3. Pot-Lights or Other Recessed Lights Highlight the Room.

By installing lights directly over objects and décor you wish to highlight, you can accent and illuminate the important elements of your décor. Instead of using a light which detracts from pieces of furniture, decorative accents and artwork, you’re highlighting these elements by strategically placing lighting elements overhead.

Now let’s talk about the functionality of recessed lighting.

4. You Can Literally Install Recessed Lighting Anywhere!

We admit that recessed fixtures are most easily installed between ceiling joists during home building and renovation, that doesn’t mean retrofitting them into a standing home is impossible. Many recessed fixtures are designed specifically to slip into your existing ceiling through holes made to accommodate wiring. We can install them in any interior, so long as they’re rated for use near insulation (IC housing rated) whenever insulation is present. You can also use waterproof lighting in areas of high moisture and humidity, as well as in shower enclosures and kitchens. Wow, now that’s a versatile light!

5. Recessed Lighting Is Also Commonly Used Overtop Kitchen Counters, Outdoors and Within Furniture.

We’ve talked about the growing trend in LED lighting cabinets, shelves and bedframes, but did you know pot-lights make some of the best exterior lighting elements? The side of your home can benefit from weather resistant, high-efficiency bulbs which add to your home’s curb appeal and attract attention to your exterior decoration. Strategically placed, pot-lights brighten the dreary exterior of suburban homes and provide some much-needed attention and light on dark evenings.

See? Pot-lights are amazingly versatile, easy to place and accent, and offer unlimited style and design functions. Mr. Potlight is completely devoted to creating ever new applications for pot-lights and other forms of recessed lighting in your home. Contact Mr. Potlight now for installation and replacement of recessed lighting fixtures, pot-light design and creative interior functions. Get in touch today and get a free estimate from Toronto’s most trusted pot-light installation

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