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Things to Know before You Buy Recessed Lights

Recessed fixtures are popular additions to home interiors. Pot lights provide balanced lighting housing mounts. If you are planning to buy recessed lights for your home, you should consider their intended purpose and where you plan to install your pot light fixtures.

Not all pot lights are made the same. Here are some things you should know you buy recessed lights:

Recessed Lights Price

Recessed light prices vary significantly. The cost of your recessed lighting ideas will be determined by how much you want to spend on lighting kits and installation fees.

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Interior Trim

The interior trim of each lighting system is different. Some have anti-glare trims while others are designed to minimise the lighting in a specific area. Ribbed trims minimise glare while mirrored trims maximise illumination. Other trim designs are made specifically for high-moisture areas like your bathroom. Moveable or adjustable trims give you more control over where and how much lighting to include in your space.

Light Bulb Types

Recessed light bulb sizes and wattage differ. The size, type, and wattage of your bulbs will have an effect on the amount of electricity you use and the amount of lighting the room will receive. Low-watt bulbs produce dimmer lighting while higher-watt bulbs are brighter. LED lights are more energy-efficient.

Pot Lights in Living Room Installation

Pot Light Size

Can light sizes range between 6 to 15 centimeters in diameter. The size of the pot light fixtures you choose will depend on your ceiling height, room size, amount of light you want in your room, and your own personal taste. Bigger-sized pot light fixtures add more illumination to an area while smaller lighting fixtures emit less light. Higher ceilings should have bigger recessed lights to increase the area of illumination while lower ceilings should have smaller recessed fixtures.

Kit Types

Kits come in different sizes, use a different voltage, and require individual light bulb wattage. The Pot light kit you choose will depend on the room you are planning to install the recessed fixtures in and the amount of voltage available. If you are not sure, consult with an electrical professional first.

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Can lights are very versatile. They can be used in any room; on high ceilings, low ceilings, under counters, in cabinets and in bathrooms. While planning your recessed lighting ideas, knowing where you are installing the lights will help you choose the right type.

Styles and Colours

Pot light fixtures come in different styles and colours including chrome, copper, nickel, silver, bronze, pewter, black, and white. The style of recessed lighting ideas you choose will depend on the room and décor. When selecting your recessed fixtures, opt for ones that will go with your existing light fixtures in your home.

What Size Fixture Do You Want?

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Recessed fixtures range in size between four inches to seven inches in diameter. When choosing the right pot light size for your room, you must take into account the height of your ceiling, room size, and the reason or purpose for installing the types of pot light. Smaller sized pot lights are more suitable in rooms with lower ceilings or where you want to illuminate a specific area or furnishing. If you have a ceiling height that is six feet, the smaller pot light sizes are your best choice. For example, four inch pot light sizes work best in kitchens where they can illuminate your countertops.

Six inch lighting fixtures are the standard size pocket light sized most commonly used for general lighting. Bigger sized pot lights work well in rooms with higher ceilings because they light more area space. If you have ceilings that are twelve feet or higher, the bigger sized recessed fixtures should be installed because they brighten a wider area.

When planning your pot lights installation to brighten a whole room, divide the height of your ceiling by two to where to place the lights by. For example, if your ceiling height is ten feet, your recessed lights should be placed five feet apart.

What Do You Want to Light?

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When choosing the size and pot light type for your area, you should consider what you want to light. If you are planning to install recessed fixtures to light a whole room, the larger pot light sizes between six to seven inches are your best choice.

If you are planning to light a specific area, smaller pot light types work best. For example, four to five inch recessed lighting fixtures work best in kitchens where you want to add extra or direct lighting to your counter space. The smaller pot light sizes also work well in areas where you want to light a specific furnishing like a dining room table, book shelf, or reading nook.

Do You Need an Insulation Compatible or Air Tight Fixture?

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Building regulation codes require a casing around your light fixtures when installing them in areas that are insulated to prevent fires. Today, most pot lights for insulated ceilings are made with IC ratings to meet industry regulations. When looking for your lighting fixtures, look for pot light types that are clearly identified with IC on the packaging to make sure your pot lights are insulation compatible.

Air tight (AT) pot light types prevent air from escaping through your light fixtures. Installing recessed fixtures in attics, lofts, or spaces that have less insulation or barriers protecting them from the outside should be air tight to prevent your home’s interior air flow from escaping out of your home. When buying pot light for more exposed areas of your home, always look for the air tight compatibility on the packaging. Types of pot light that have both IC and AT will give you the best protection.

Consult a Professional Before You Buy Recessed Lights

Buying recessed lights is a cost-effective way to improve the look and lighting of your home. Before you buy recessed lights, consider the different features to help you choose the best available pot lights. You may also want to consult a recessed lighting installation expert. A professional opinion on the matter helps you narrow down your options and choose the best kit available.

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