To some homeowners, landscape lighting would not make much sense. The fees and the amount of effort put in such a project seem like a waste of money. To others, however; this is an important part of home finishing that serves a number of purposes. Lighting the compound does not come cheap. Right from design to the huge number of light bulbs that are required to give the whole design and installation a functional and aesthetic look, a huge monetary investment is required. However, all this is not a waste of money; rather it comes with a number of crucial benefits to the homeowner.
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Beauty may never be the primary objective of any form of lighting, but it is an undeniable result. There are two types of beauties that can be achieved through lighting. The first one is revealed beauty. This is where lighting is used to illuminate a section of the landscape and reveal its beauty. It might be natural beauty or one enhanced through architectural efforts.

The second type is created beauty. Experts in landscape lighting can in their design create patterns by mixing shadows and light to accomplish a particular image.  This ends up creating stunning expressions that in the end uplifts the general outlook of a home.


This is one of the most important purposes of landscape lighting. The compound can be a den of hazards that can only be eliminated through proper lighting at night. The basic of any outdoor lighting is to enhance safety both for the occupants and visitors. To accomplish this purpose, lighting has to be adequately bright and should also cover crucial sections of the landscape such as paths, driveways and passages.

The need for lighting is more pronounced in commercial zones as dictated by regulations. For residential areas, however; this need might be minimal but nevertheless essential.


A properly lit compound portrays a sense of security. Lighting in itself accomplishes both deterrence and preventive purposes. Experts in lighting usually pay attention to sections of the compound that may seem more vulnerable.

It is not mandatory that all areas be properly illuminated, however; the intensity of light should be dictated by any security concerns arising. In some areas, there is a need for flood lights while in others, shadowed light would suffice.

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