The bathroom is a great place to start when looking for ways to brighten up your home! Interestingly, it’s one of the rooms that often gets overlooked when people are considering where to install additional lighting. Typically, people consider adding more lighting in communal spaces like kitchens and living rooms. Finding clever ways to incorporate additional light into your bathroom can make all the difference and drastically change the way you experience your bathroom Adding recessed lighting in your bathroom not only brightens up the space and improves the functionality of your bathroom, but it also can lift your mood; and with so many stylish options on the market, your lights can also play a decorative role in your bathroom. Recessed lights are becoming a staple in modern bathrooms. Consider pot light for showers, over tubs, around your vanity, and on your ceiling.
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Here are some bathroom pot light ideas that will transform your bathroom:


Recessed lights over your bathroom mirror give you a better reflection, which is great for getting ready for the day. For the best effect, we recommend adding at least two recessed lighting fixtures and placing them strategically over your mirror for a more balanced and even lighting that won’t cast a shadow.

The combination of both recessed and ceiling lights in your bathroom will complement each other and blend well together.


Adding pot lights in your shower or around your tub are also ideal locations, and can give a spa-like feel to your bathroom. Make sure you install shower pot lights that come with a “wet” or “shower location” rating. Recessed lights labelled “damp location” may seem like a good alternative, but these are not designed to meet the safety requirements necessary for these spaces.

So always be sure that any lighting you install in your shower or over your tub has a “shower location” or “wet” rating. Also, keep in mind that recessed shower lights need to have lens covers. When making a selection, look for lights with “shower trim” and built-in lenses. For the other areas of your bathroom, you can use regular trims.


Ceiling lights often cast shadows in the room and need supplemental lighting to adequately light your bathroom. Recessed lighting fills in ambient light in your bathroom and compliments the natural light in the bathroom.

This is perfect for times in the day when you have good natural light coming in, but just need a little extra in certain areas of your bathroom. Recessed lighting adds ambient and soft lighting to your bathroom and further illuminates key areas of your bathroom.


Adding recessed lighting is a great way to highlight certain features in your bathroom, for example, artwork, architectural detail, or other decor.

Using lights will draw attention to these areas and create focal points in your bathroom.


Now that you know the various ways to use recessed lighting to transform your bathroom, why not have some installed in your bathroom? Call Mr. Potlight today for professional pot light installment and take your bathroom to the next level!

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