One of the key areas for your home improvement is your basement. The basement is a crucial area that can be used as living quarters, storage, bar and also for indoor games. To make it completely useful, however; it is essential to improve the lighting system. The lighting system of a basement, nevertheless; may be different from the rest of the rooms.

The following basement lighting ideas will come in handy to those who want to make improvements in this important part of a home.


One of the most important lighting sources is natural light.  Most of the basements are usually poorly lit with others being completely dark depending on the architectural design. There are those whose structure can be improved to allow natural light to filter in during the day. This can be accomplished by using carefully designed window wells. Large windows can also be constructed in the exposed surfaces to provide more light. To improve on this lighting, it is advisable to paint the walls and the ceiling in bright colors to allow for proper lighting of the basement.


Depending on the activities you wish to carry out in the basement, you can always add a taste of elegance. Decorative lighting is one of the few basement lighting ideas that you would not wish to ignore. This is so if, you wish to transform the basement into a place where your friends can join you for a game or for a drink. You can add some lighting patterns to give an allure of garden lights or any artwork that you fancy. Often chandeliers and pendants are not suitable in basements, but you can decide to have a few in the further corners to improve the look. The trick is to introduce as much light as possible while enhancing the aesthetic features of your basement.


Nothing can provide both a spectacular lighting opportunity and elegance than recessed lighting. If you have recently remodeled your basement, this is one option that you cannot ignore. Recessed lighting results to bright and focused light that illuminates the whole basement indiscriminately. They are mostly used for sitting and dining rooms, but have become great basement lighting ideas to most homeowners. ; Recessed lighting, when placed accordingly, is appropriate for basements that require bright lights and for more cozy soft light interiors. They are high up on the ceiling and hence are quite convenient for those who have transformed their basements into indoor bars or rooms for any other physical exercises such as gyms. Recessed lighting gives prominence to the furnishing or other finishing in the room. It is adequately bright and removes any incidences of sharp glares and shadows.

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