Lighting is an important component of home finishing. The main objective of lighting is to improve safety as well as to enable carrying out of the various tasks in the house with ease. Another important factor is beauty. Lighting system can be designed in a way that enhances the elegance of a house in the end impacting positively on the value of the property. There are various types of lighting but there those that are becoming increasingly popular with the current crop of homeowners. Most homeowners today are going for pot lights due to their elegance and functionality. While a large number of such homeowners want to learn how to install pot lights, it is always crucial to emphasize on the need of engaging a professional.
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Ceiling Remodeling

The first step in installing pot lights is in remodeling of the ceiling. In old buildings, there is a need to make a number of adjustments to the ceiling to create an open joist where the wiring installations will go through. The joist is the covered with the new ceiling material.

In cases where there is space above the ceiling, there is no need for remodeling needed. However, it is always advisable to construct new fixtures as they are less costly than carrying out comprehensive remodeling features. In such a case, it is better engaging a professional unless you are well versed in these kinds of tasks.

Lighting System

Before you install the lights, it is important to know how the wiring will be and how the switch system will operate. For instance, it is often possible to have a number of pot lights controlled by a single switch. The whole lighting system in the breakfast area may be controlled by a single switch while the ones in the table room are controlled by a number of switches.

The switching system you pick should be dictated by the activities you wish to undertake in that particular area. This is a crucial factor as it will determine where you will install the lights in series or in parallel.

Pot Lights Installation

The actual installation of pot lights has several challenges and is the main reason why people engage a professional. The major challenge is fitting the appliances into the frame. This is often easier in new constructions as the fitting can be easily carried out above the ceiling.

In cases of old constructions a number of steps have to be followed including accurately measuring the distance between the lights and the ceiling joists, marking the spots to fix the lights, drilling those spots and installing the fixtures. To a novice, this is often a trial and error process. It is always important to ensure that you are using standard wires and bulbs as a failure in functionality will often require the whole process to be redone.


Learning how to install pot lights may sound simple to experienced hands. However, it is a tricky task that requires adequate concentration and precision. While it can still be accomplished, it is always important for one to engage a lighting professional for a more standardized and durable installation.

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