Have you ever walked into a room and been mesmerized by how perfectly lit the space is? You, too, can achieve a similar result by installing pot lights. Pot lights have the ability to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces and take any room to the next level. Many people underestimate the allure and flattery that great lighting can have on a room. Good lighting makes a space look more appealing and can elevate your mood. Installed into ceilings or creatively incorporated into key locations, pot lights can evenly distribute lighting, eliminate shadows and highlight focal points. There was a time when one central light fixed in the middle of a room was considered sufficient, along with one or two side lamps. Since their introduction to the market, pot lights have continued to offer versatile lighting options that transform indoor and outdoor spaces.
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One of the benefits of pot lights is that they are available in many different sizes that range from 4 inches to 6 inches. They are so versatile that they can easily be incorporated into any indoor scheme.

You can also make a selection of colour temperatures, ranging from daylight, warm or cool. LED pot light bulbs can last for years, with many LED bulbs giving over 50,000 hours of lighting.



Recessed lights are excellent for kitchens and allow increased visibility as you cook. One of the more creative places to install them is above countertops – this makes perfect sense since so much meal prep is done on countertops.

Other great areas include above an island or in the ceiling.


Since bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, it makes for a great area to add recessed lighting. Additional light in your bathroom is not only aesthetically beneficial but also increases visibility in the bathroom, which is important for safety.

Think about installing recessed lighting above your shower, but be sure to purchase lights designed to be used in a wet zone. In addition, select options that provide high-quality trim and are water and vapour resistant. For optimum safety, be sure to hire a professional for your pot lights installation.

Home Theater

If you have a home theater, pot lights are one of the best lighting choices you can install in the room.

This is also a more practical option than having a chandelier dangling from the ceiling and obstructing your view of your TV.


Update your outdoor space by adding some recessed lighting around your deck or along the walkway or driveway.

Pot lights can also be added to an outdoor kitchen to provide adequate lighting as you enjoy the outdoors.


Basements are notoriously known for being dark spaces that typically do not receive enough lighting.

The solution? Basement pot lights. Eliminate gloom from your basement by installing recessed lights.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to installing pot lights in the home. There is a pot light suitable for any application inside and outside of your home. Mr. Potlight is your trusted source for the best pot lights in Toronto.

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